PenGuiN ^ ^

PenGuiN ^ ^

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Crazy ! 不要烦我!不要乱我!! pls..i want peace...

你们根本,从来都不了解我, 每次我讲话,你们有听进去咩?你们骂我没有用,番薯,去死,种种难听的话,试问谁能忍受被自己最亲的人酱子骂?我的声音不够大,所以我每次都不够你们讲,你们试下跟我小声小气坐下来慢慢谈看!! 你们有没有想过我们的沟通出现问题? 

对啊,我人很好欺负,但不代表你们可以不听我的! 还有啊,爸,你每次出去买东西酱迟回来。你知不知道我会担心你的?我担心你,你知道吗?不知道。。因为你每次一回来,就很多东西讲,讲这个药要怎样,然后就要帮你们打包药材。。  每次都包那么一点点,为什么要做那么多工?搞的我每次回来都要帮你们做到夜夜,你们有没有考虑过我?不是讲做多会死,只不过我也有自己的私人空间的耶!! 你们有你们的事要忙,难道我就没有吗? 我忍了这么久,一开口又被你们骂...

其实我在这个家都不懂有没有地位的...每次被你们‘wat’我吃死猫,我都不能做什么..虽然我做回来的钱不怎么多,但你们想想,我的钱多数用在哪里... 你们懂不懂去年我在谷底的时候,你们给了我零用钱,我拿了出门后,我哭了。。。你们以为我很喜欢用你们的钱哦??  你们以为,什么都你们以为... 说真的,假如你们肯改变,这个家,或许会平静很多...


Somethin "ugly" happend in me..... =.=

I went to bank juz nw.When i come out from bank and once i want to get in my car, suddenly got 3 indian guys blocked me,they put a lot of car spray on my car,said sekejap saja.after that,they start thier presentation,that is spray on my car,and wanna do sales with me, 3 bottol of those spray is 1 set. 1 set cost RM 88 ==...(of course i dint buy la.but they do a hard sales with me! they said aiyor, i ady used my much u hv nw? go bank and get RM88 to buy 1 set la. )they seems like dun let me go, then they ask me paid..after tat, i use my own "strategic", just leave them my number, then go far away from tat place..(They also know to get my number for follow up..haha~ calling me just now...=.=) And i 1 sen also dint gv them !! HAHAHA!! wanna bully me,tipu my money ar? who r u oo....>.<  
to the 3 indian guys, come on man, if u really need money, or want to do sales, let me teach u la...don't do hard sales(force people to buy) anymore la...u really makes me DxLxN just now..
u tot i will scare u by just a tattoo on ur hand??  U r wrong !
If u dare to disturb me by phone, i will report to police..seriouslly....

Monday, January 11, 2010

Don't ever give up !

Give me a chance, give yourself a hope to take a look on this video~.~
To all my friendss, and those who are wanna to give up somethings..please think twice after this video..
Im quite proud with this video~! This is what we call don't give up! keep going! Fight til the end! Don't Quit !! This video really charge up myself..

Actually everybody has the ability to do it! It all about your HEART! See whether u want to do it or not! Don't doubt on your own will never know where you are unless you tried..
Appreciate those who SUPPORT you, GUIDE you, EDUCATE you, HELP you, TEACH you.....
Friendsss, i never give up you, why you give up yourself?

Sunday, January 10, 2010

first post...Truth and Reality

^^ This is my first post in new blog.Erm, as u all know,im a B Boy,studying+working...Im just a part time b boy,part time student,part time worker,even a part time son. Because im a b boy but not practise everyday,a full time student but do my assignment at last minute,a worker with not aggressive enough,a son that always not in home... 
im still passion in dance,hardworking on my study,tenacity on my job,proud of what i bring to home!!

Heard a lot of friendsss mention the same topic recently...And the topic is quite reality..It's MONEY problem. no matter family, wellness, and even couple...k, 1st of all, do u agree that im saying "MONEY is NOT everything, BUT the ONLY thing. "?

1)hmm...Family, im not saying that got a lot of money then must be happy everyday,but what i know is a family without money, then must be not happy.Because there is a lot of problem regarding money in a family.Car loan, house loan, rent, phone bills, electric bills, education fees, tuition fees...a lot of expenses..So that many of family will have quarrel sometimes..argue this, argue that...

2)Wellness, do u realise that only a lot of rich people always talk about this, but that,they always said that 有病除病,无病强身.>.< ... But how about if you no money? People got money only can talk about health la..So that im always said that,没有钱,最好不要生病.Its true and reality..If you want to seek for a doctor,you tell him that you no money..See what the doctor will do for you..Normally is send you to General Hospital la..>.<

3)Couple, many people said that its needed money to maintain an relationship(感情是需要金钱来维系的), do u agree with that? I don't have any issues la, but i think that, who want to "pak tuo" by walk, by bus forever?? (i mean temporary by walk, by bus is ok la) hehe... I believe that everyone also hope to giving the best for his or her it?

* For girlsss la, which age u want to buy an LV bag? 20++?? 30++?? Or you said that u don't like branded?? erm..If i give u a LV bag with no any reason,just givng you only,do u want it?

So that i said, boysss and girlsss,MONEY is NOT everything, BUT the ONLY thing.
Do u agree with me ?? all these stuff was my own point of view...please comment and share your opinion ya..thx ^^